Exciting times ahead for Xbox One users!

2017 was not a bright year for the Xbox users. Apart from a few upgrades, there wasn’t much Microsoft offered exclusively for Xbox gamers. But lucky for ya’ll this year, Microsoft is adamant on bringing you a plethora of games for your Xbox console. These exclusive triple A and independent games are bound to knock your socks off and make you addicted to your console once again. Hold your breath as we release some of the names confirmed to drop in 2018.



Going with the trend the first on our list is definitely an action-packed RPG. Ashen Is a game featuring a world full of deadly creatures and evil scavengers bound to creep you out. The challenge is to explore this world with or without other players and fight for your survival. Unfortunately, the excitement has to hold as the developer Aurora 44 still hasn’t announced the exact date of release.

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Crackdown 3

Anything combined with some action is on our list of favorites but this one will cater to a really large number as its not only action but adventure too. You’re in a futuristic city where everything is destructible. With Terry Crews being your voice, there’s nothing that can stop you from fighting crime in this city. Brought to you by a bunch of top of the line developers (Sumo Digital, Reagent Games, Ruffian Games, and Cloudgine) and coming this year for sure.

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State of Decay 2

Zombie games are evergreen but this one gets better because you play it with your buddy and fight together for survival. Each member of your crew of survivors have their own strengths and weaknesses and the best part about this co-op game is that you can have upto three players playing together as well as you can control anyone in the crew. A classic zombie survival game – something you can expects from developers who call themselves the Undead Labs. Rooting for its release in 2018.

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The Last Night

Charlie is your name and you belong to the lower social class living in a society where everything is operated by computers or machinery. There’s more but you’ve got to play it to explore this world. Developed by Odd Tales this is set to release for Xbox console in 2018 and is in fact a 2.5D cinematic platformer. Be prepared to be Charlie, talk with people in this world, explore and unveil the secrets.

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Deep Rock Galactic

Ever imagined yourself as being a space miner. Yeah that’s actually a thing in this thrilling sci-fi shooter game. Up to four players can play and become part of the Dwarven space miner team. Work together in this destructible environment to complete missions. While you’re at it blow up some cave walls and take down the enemies. Scheduled to be released in 2018, this twisted game is developed by Ghost Ships Games.

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And this is not it, there’s much more that’s going to be in store for you the next time you want to add on to your collection of games for Xbox One.

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