Hair Nah Review – It’s more than just a game

What if I told you that you have an opportunity to go back in time to the coolest era of 80’s and experience what gaming looked like back then. Momo Pixels just designed for you one of the most hilarious games. And guess what it’s about? Hair! It features a character called Aeva who is tired of getting her privacy invaded by random strangers who don’t think twice before touching her hair.
Let’s be honest, we have all faced this. I have gone as far as to imagine what that person last ate. The mayonnaise that they cleaned of their old pyjamas then left the house without cleaning their hands with a napkin and now here they are, in a supermarket, complementing my braids while getting a sense of how my hair feels on their mayonnaise drenched hands. GROSE!

Aeva is all of us who is an extrovert, loves to travel but the idea of people reaching out to touch her hair frightens her more than an air crash would. Your job is to help Aeva travel in peace. Today she is forgetting what the word courteous means. She’s not in a mood to just let them feel it. She’s ready to battle anyone who tries to lay hands on her treasure she calls hair.
Now she’s not wrong, Aeva is a woman with super lit hair. In the game, you can choose the skin tone as well as the hair type from so many different styles like afro, braids with a bun, tapered style, straight hair etc. Once you’ve got that sorted choose a place where Aeva would wanna go. You can pick from the coolest places out there; Osaka, Havana & Santa Monica Pier which is of course my favorite go to place. Do you think Aeva can make it there without succumbing to the vicious touches of the non-black people around her?



In real life, there are multiple situations where we’re forced to defend ourselves from unwanted hands. We don’t know where those hands have been and the horror is real! So, just like in real life this game too has multiple such levels where the horror increases as you come close to your destination. It follows you from the car to the airport and the only way is to swat the unwanted hands of your co-passengers who are throwing statement like “Oh, so fluffy”. Yeah, I know, super annoying.
Hair Nah is a free came you can play on its website. The graphics are simple yet so detailed with voices of the people touching Aeva’s hair that makes you want to swat those hands even harder. You have to use arrows to shove those hands away from your hair. In order to go to the next level, you have to keep smacking till the ‘Nah’ meter is maxed out. That’s when you have asserted your authority.

This game is by far rated one of the most addictive games. It has all the elements to make a game that addictive. Its goofy, silly and fun as you play and the message at the end really makes you think. You have got to play this game to find that out
Now, can you touch my hair? NAH

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