Life is Strange is now available on IOS Review

If you grew up playing ‘The Sims’, or are in to games with more meaning, you will definitely be delighted by this news. Life is Strange which features a teenager with the power to manipulate time has just released on iOS on December 14th. The main character of this game is Max Caulfield, a photographer who discovers she can rewind time. If you were given the power to go back in time, just imagine how much you could shape your past, present and future. Dontnod Entertainment took this fantasy that most of us have and turned it in to a five-part adventure game. However, when there’s power, there’s responsibility but being a teenager Max struggles to understand the implications. This story is what hooks you to the game right away.

Today we see a lot of story based choice and consequence games that allow players to make choices and determine how the story unfolds. Life is strange is a frontrunner and was initially released in 2015 on PC. It received critical acclaim for incorporating controversial topics like teen suicide. And now it effortlessly transitions its engaging experience to iOS. With realistic graphics and straightforward controls, it makes the game pretty good for touch screen. They have gone as far as to include a controller layout in the settings for people who are used to using controls on the console. This provides the player with a left and right stick to maneuver Max as well as the camera. One of the most helpful feature that I found was the one which allows players to tap on a certain location to make Max come to that place. But there’s nothing that we can claim is perfect in this ‘life’ thus, making it ‘strange’…


As expected, there were definitely some glitches. Often, I felt that two objects were too close together and clicking could result in mistakes. This claustrophobic feeling increased owing to the awkward camera angles which made it difficult to speak to a character. But this was compensated for me by the game encouraging me to keep track of Max’s journal which recorded information relating to different characters and made the game very interesting. Moreover, the Photo Mode allows players to experience each episode by turning a screenshot in to an artistic portrait. Additionally, iMessage stickers releases the child-like excitement in me. They are extremely cute and amusing to use outside the game. They definitely set the iOS experience apart from the console version.

With that ‘Life is Strange’ is on the good side of my list of games because despite of its technical issues, its moving narrative with such detail makes it hard for you to not want to step into Max’s shoes & rewind time.

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