Rage that isn’t easy to handle

You look out the window and all you see are faces you don’t recognize, with bloody eyes and pale white skin there’s an army of the living dead zombies marching towards your house. And this army is sent to you in the form of the game ‘Rage of the Living Dead’ developed by Insane Knights Studios in 2017.

Insane Knights Studio is not known for a specific type of genre of games. However, one thing that can be experienced in all games is that every game takes you on a different journey with completely different characters and distinct goals. The detailing of each game provides you with an escape from this real world into a world full of peculiar creatures. We’re guessing, this is where the name comes from; the games are indeed filled with insanity but they save you from the daily hassles and provide you with a dose of adrenaline that you need after a long day at work or school.

Rated 17+ Rage of the Living Dead is taking zombie shooter games a notch up by integrating zombies in an intense horror setting with the wide landscape and breezy ambiance, it’s a feeling of strange loneliness. You could run all over the space and look for zombies, they come out from everywhere and sometimes run at you. It was definitely challenging wiping out an army of the living dead with ammunition that has limited bullets. It’s difficult but achievable which is one of the best parts about this game and was missing in other popular zombie games like zombie shooter 2. The fact that you need to really think before shooting so that you don’t run out of bullets before completing the level turns up the excitement as it forces you to really concentrate.

zombie shooter

To make it more difficult they’ve made the zombies not only creepy looking but unlike cliché zombie characters these living dead creatures can fight back. And within 2-3 hits they can finish you. This really made this zombie shooter game challenging. The downside for us was that it took us a while to get used to the controls and the fact that we don’t see our complete character, makes it difficult for us to run around in the beginning. Once you improve your shooting skills, nothing will satisfy you more than taking down the living dead.

Insane Knight Studio have done a good job at world building and some very different elements of the game like a separate control for running, proactive zombies, limited bullets and a requirement to finish the level makes Rage of the Living Dead one of the most challenging zombie shooter games. Each level is tougher and action-packed but it’s the thrill that made us overlook a few difficulties with the controls. It’s definitely on our “games-you-must-excel-in” list. Every time we need a reason to feel accomplished, we blow up some zombies!

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