Speed That Kills | Road Redemption Game Play Review

Takedowns and Full Nitro Racing

No, it’s not Burnout that we’re reviewing today. It’s Road Redemption game review. Since Road Redemption kickstarted back in 2013, we have been rooting for it but along with that we also made the mistake of playing it at various stages of its development which took the charm away when the game actually launched out of beta in 2017.

Road Redemption Gameplay

Road Redemption gameplay is a motorbike racing game. Just kidding, it is a MURDEROUS racing game!! The idea was to make a sequel of the popular game Road Rash but redemption replaced rash for good because this one is way more advanced with crazy weapons; bar/knife/chain/spade, all provided to brutally murder your opponents. Set across a barren desert is a road filled with cars and motorbikes. These bikers are full of rage, beating you with chains and stabbing you with knives and you can do the same to eliminate them out of the race. In fact, sometimes you are given a mission to MURDER a specific opponent. So, if you’re into speed that kills, you will love road redemption.

road redemption 2017 gameplay

We also found the option of upgrading weapons and replenishing health between mission as a good addition to the sequel. But these are still not enough to come up to the level of action games releasing in 2017. It gets monotonous pretty fast, and sometimes isn’t challenging enough; the riders go down too easily, 2 hits with the chain and they are knocked off. Can’t say it’s because of the overdose we got before the release or the game itself but it’s not a game we could sink hundreds of hours in to. It’s fun so unless you only have the budget for one indie game this year, we would say, go for it and try out Road Redemption.

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