Star wars: Battlefront II Late Review

Star-wars going wrong is a thing that isn’t happening since 1977 so when it did happen with the Battlefront II, it took us two weeks to come out of denial and do what we’re doing right now; giving the most painful review of the most loved game franchise.

In 2015 a multiplayer Star Wars Battlefront was launched and it was expected to dazzle Sci-fi lovers, moviegoers and fans. The exquisite designing and hardcore development wasn’t enough to expand the fan-base. Instead it fragmented the fan-base by adding paid downloadable features and disappointed fans by skipping the single player campaign altogether. Battlefront II on the other hand tried to overcome these failings but in the process made some more bad decisions that didn’t click well with the fans.

No doubt, the battlefront II has a great production design but featuring a disjointed story it’s like a house with beautiful interior but crooked foundation. Calling it a story is not appropriate, instead it’s a series of moments that don’t fit together. It jumps from scenes to scenes, features predictable dialogues, shuffling scenarios and offers nothing on the celebrated iconic heroes but rather takes a safe approach on the traditional route of good vs evil storyline. It takes away the charm of the Star Wars strength which is in its mythical narrative. Taking the cliché route was the first mistake that shouldn’t have been made considering this game comes out of such a reputed brand.

The second big mistake lies in its online competitive mode. The pace of the gameplay doesn’t feel right. It is chaotic owing to the faster game play with faster movement and smooth controls that doesn’t make it easier but makes the battles more haphazard. Also, this could have been forgivable but it just doesn’t make sense with the slow killing. It doesn’t make the game more intense, instead it feels more incoherent like playing air hockey in a war zone.

Similarly, the multiplayer mode too feels inauthentic; throwing a grenade feels like having a snow fight. It’s however unfair not to appreciate the moments that do make us feel excited. For instance, the galactic assault match type. Battling large teams on the field with different objectives makes up for the thrill that we missed. Similarly, the Starfighter assault mode offers a lot of different missions like destroying a capital ship or clearing mines out of an asteroid field which makes the game challenging and fun far more than the 2015 Battlefront. Additionally, there are two more modes like the blast mode that limits map size to encourage close combat fights and then there’s a wacky heroes vs villian’s mode which is the classic one on one battle making things simple yet interesting.

As you level up, you earn loot crates that contain “star cards”. These cards grant you new gadgets, refill your health and augment abilities with new effects to offer more access. But only if these features came free off cost. The boost of the sniper shots is kept so low that it becomes necessary to get these star cards to play the game like a pro. But these star cards are also available to be purchased by real money which gives advantage to those who can afford it, disrupting the balance of the game. You can get these advantages without purchasing but the amount of time a player would have to play to gain the same advantage is much longer. And the worst part is loot boxes don’t put any limitations on the players so in simpler words they are just a clumsy way of implementing player customization.

The whole point of playing games is to experience flow; to forget about reality and to embody the amazing intergalactic world that you are virtually a part of. Unfortunately, Battlefront II tries really hard but fails to provide you with that experience because of the dis-junctures that are difficult to avoid. After a while you become immune to it but coming to that point alone makes you so frustrated that it kills the whole purpose of “playing”.

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