Top 5 iOS & Android Games that we can’t wait for

There was a time when people mentioned games and they were associated with young boys and girls. At that time, nobody anticipated that games would feature in our everyday routine. Be it while on the train going to work, or in a cab going for shopping. Be it while the lasagna in the oven is baking or be it when you’re bored out of your mind in the bathroom, games have not only become a source of distraction but have also acquired a domain that constantly indulges us into challenging ourselves. With life constantly throwing obstacles at us, games provide us with a simulation of life minus the real stressors and plus the fun and exciting features.

As you can see by reading above, we DO NOT take our games lightly. Since they ‘play’ such an important role in our lives, we keep ourselves updated on them as soon as they drop down on iOS and Android. We believe that games are as close to your heart as they are for us so in this article we save you the hassle of facing disappointment and tell you exactly what games you should be expecting an absolutely unforgettable experience from.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion:

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion iOS & Android Games

This upcoming free-to-play strategy action game features 43 playable Assassins along with 20 unlockable characters that are newly created for Rebellion. This alone made this game at the top of our list. We can’t wait for this one in which new Assassins are unlocked by collecting their DNA fragments in Story or Legacy missions. It’s set at the headquarters for the brotherhood where training of Assassin’s is done.

The player can also send teams of three Assassins on various infiltration missions. Different skills and character combinations are better suited to some missions than others. In addition, the type of missions completed will have an effect on how the Assassins develop: standard missions are key for gathering resources to upgrade the player’s Assassins, while Loot missions will earn materials for crafting.

As the player levels up their brotherhood, additional rooms and other content become available. New items and equipment can be crafted and new upgrade options are available making it more exciting to play.

Funny Little Zombies:

In this horror comedy free zombie shooter game, you will have five different guns to blow zombies out of their existence. What makes this game challenging yet extremely addictive is the communication done by zombies. They are said to mock you throughout the game by sticky notes and as they are very little and replaceable, it will be a challenge to beat them all. The game will feature five weapons and a house that will have to be cleared out. Run around the house will be possible and warm up time will be given after which a wave of zombies will come towards us. Lastly, limited bullets and health may take the difficulty level of this game a notch up. But again, who doesn’t like zombie survival games. As cliché as it sounds, it definitely has to be on the top 5 games list.

                 Download Funny Little Zombies On Android Free          Download Funny Little Zombies On ios Free


The Bunker:

This one is a unique one with its live action. This makes it the coolest game in the list of top 5 upcoming games. The game is all about exploration and again our favorite, survival! You will be amongst the last remaining survivor in this Nuclear bunker where bodies are being stored in a cold storage room. Daily routine checking of the bodies keeps you sane. When an alarm is triggered, you have to venture deep into the long-forgotten bunker and reveal its darkest secrets but don’t get too caught up. Remember to move fast and make quick decisions to escape the Bunker alive.

The Sims Mobile:

The Sims Mobile game free download

Who doesn’t remember Sims. It’s the best life simulation game ever made. And when we heard it’s release on Android and iOS, we had to feature this for you guys to keep your eyes open for. It’s obviously based off from The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay which were extremely addictive on PC. It’s after 17 years that EA Games have decided to bring The Sims to mobile. A little birdie told us that the players will be able to shape their Sim’s families over multiple generations. There’s also a social aspect to the game, allowing gamers to connect to each other via specially hosted parties, etc. The obviously there’s the best part where you get to design your own characters and the house they live in too.

Legend of Zelda:

Legend of Zelda Mobile game free download

Where ‘The Sims’ was unforgettable, ‘Super Mario’ has been a Legend. Legend reminds us of the closest game to Super Mario by the Nintendo Franchise. Called the Legend of Zelda will reportedly be joining Mario on mobile platforms in the near future. It’s an addictive game — set to hit smartphones later this year and not much can be said about its features as it will have to be reworked thoroughly for the mobile format.

Just writing this article gave us butterflies. Feels like this year will be full of excitement with games that remind us of the past like ‘The Sims’ and games that take us to the future like ‘Funny Little Zombies’ and Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion. Keep your eyes open for these on your smartphone and be prepared to experience games at its best.

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