Top Free Games for This Week

They say nothing in life is for free. We disagree. Every day, new games are being made for us to enjoy free of any cost. There are so many out there that it becomes difficult for us to pick favorites but we go through that difficulty to make it easier for ya’ll. So, here we bring you a snapshot of the top five free games of this week.


Bear Arms: The Revenge of the Wild Gunner


Bears and picnic baskets go together just like Winnie the Pooh and honey does. But unlike Pooh, Bears would use any approach be it violent to protect their tantalizing lunch baskets. Now the good part is you’re the bear in this game so you don’t have to face the wrath but what you have to do is to use firearms! Kill those hungry buzzing insects who have their eyes on your tasty meal. This arcade shooting game not only has a fun story line but also have amazing graphics to give you exciting experience.

Rage of the Living Dead


It’s difficult to talk about shooting games without bringing one of the most action-packed game of this week. This zombie shooter game is your dose of adrenaline launched in 2017 but makes its way to the list of top free games more frequently than any other game in this genre. With HD graphics, Rage of The Living Dead really makes you forget about reality. Rated 17+ Rage of the Living Dead is taking zombie shooter games a notch up by integrating zombies in an intense horror setting with the wide landscape and breezy ambience, it’s a feeling of strange loneliness. You could run all over the space and look for zombies, they come out from everywhere and sometimes run at you. This one is a deadly thrilling zombie shooting game of survival!

Beyond R’proach


After the dark thriller choice above, let’s lighten up the list with the addition of this vibrant game. You will feel like you’re walking on candy pink mud pushing giant plants making way for yourself. Creator Tak took the animation of this game to a whole new level of quirky and brings for us a bewildering experience. The game is continuous and after you’ve gone far enough in the candy pink land, a door will transport you to a whole new but similar land. Play this game to explore what lies behind that door.

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Syntax Bomb


Now, wouldn’t you want the best of both worlds? A little bit of action with a little bit of quirkiness? Well that’s what syntax bomb does. Inspired from the games Bubble Bobble and Mario Bros, Syntax bomb is an addictive arcade style game. With lettered jerks moving around and fun sound effects of the characters, the aim of the game is to drop timed bombs that might or might not explode your enemies. This game is weirdly satisfying.

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Reap Together


If you’re in to more meaningful games then this one is for you. Its gorgeously designed in a top-down manner. The size of the game world expands and contracts and will leave you amazed. The story line is also intriguing. You’ve got to survive at a strange island and the way to do that is by cultivating turnips. Beware! Don’t consume them till you’ve grown a sufficient amount of turnips. The more the turnips, the more energy you can get and the more farther the environment you can explore and create your treasure map. The best part is that you don’t have to do it alone. The makers of this game have just added a multiplayer feature which makes it even more exciting. You can either collaborate and survive with your new co-player or plot against him by nipping his turnips. This game is a full-fledged adventure and can keep you occupied for hours.

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The list is not even half of what’s out there for you to play but it definitely reduces a whole lot of hassle for you to try and find the games that will absorb you in right from the start. No doubt, each game on this list is bound to do just that. So, take a back seat and unwind a little with the top free games of this week.

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