Top Picks: Co-op Games of All Times.


Playing games is fun but playing games with other people is actually much more than that. It’s not only a way to bond but gives you a sort of adrenaline rush you don’t quite get from single player games. However, it’s important for co-op games to be designed in a way that they don’t look forced. Whether it’s on a console, PC or online with more than two people, only well-designed co-op games can make you feel like its magic. Below are our top picks of some of the best co-op games.


Lego Marvel Superheroes:


This 2013 Lego game fuses the best of Marvel from Spider-man to Captain America to Fantastic four to X-men and brings us a game better than any other Lego series we have played. TT games have really thought out of the box with this one. Locations like Doctor Doom’s Castle, Asgard or Stark Tower made us fall in love with this game. The Marvel factor is definitely the key but it also is pretty well made in terms of its levels. It allows players to explore Manhattan and jump of the SHEILD Helicarrier.  This one is a safe bet for ya’ll Lego games lovers.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2:


Two things about this that makes this one of the best co-op games ever. Firstly, it’s a super awesome Role-playing game and secondly, you can play this with up to three other friends! The best part is that these three people will not have the same goal so this is not the game with your loyal sidekicks. It’s actually much more exciting than that. Our favorite is the Game-Master mode which lets us create campaigns from scratch, that too with a D&D style dungeon master toolkit. Yum!

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This is a tricky choice because war frame is a monotonous game about running through levels to upgrade your character but playing alone makes it more boring and playing online with strangers makes it intimidate. Now you might think then why is this in our best co-op picks? Simply because it’s the perfect escape. In this game, you won’t realize but you’ll get lost in upgrade planning and crafting component. Moreover, your co-players don’t have to start playing at the same time. They can stay at their pace and meet you in this digital space from time to time.

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Before we describe this game, just as a courtesy we’ll let you know that this game is capable of making friendships as well as breaking friendships. This 2016 game places you as being part of the team under pressure from ice kitchens, kitchen earthquakes and shifting pirate ships. Yes, it is as cool as it sounds. There are three roles that you can fall in to. Jack the onion chopper, Jane, taking care of the burners & Ted who is supposed to wash dishes but is pretty lazy at his job. Overcooked is like a breath of fresh air amongst a plethora of co-op games, however it only shines in this role and doesn’t do much for us in solo player mode.

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The Division:


This is for people who crave some action; people who drools thinking of higher numbers and gear sets. Now imagine doing that with people who think just like you about this genre. The story revolves around an outbreak in Manhattan and the game features casual shootout as well as intense missions. The feel of the shooting and movement makes up for a sophisticated gameplay. Moreover, this game offers you to take it to the next level to make it more challenging. You can opt for Dark Zone, Underground Survival and Last Stand modes. We won’t ruin it for you by describing these. You’ve gotta play to find out.

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With plenty of new RPGs releasing, this rather brief list was definitely difficult to make rest assures but these games will give you an experience that will drown you in to hours and hours of intensely exciting gameplay.

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