Updated: Fortnite Battle Royale!

You probably already know that this is the time for Battle Royale games. And the frontrunner in this category is none other than Fortnite Battle Royale from Epic Games. The game’s popularity is through the roof and not because it is extraordinarily addictive but the creators make it better by adding unique features on a weekly basis.

Each update is bigger than the last. You may remember the added patches which squashed bugs or many other small changes but you will not be less than ecstatic after hearing all about the latest feature. Epic Games has just added a new customization option for your character that enables you to modify the appearance of its back. And back includes whatever there is like the Love Ranger’s wings or the Knights’ shields. This amazing addition is known as the Back Bling.

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As awesome as it sounds, the Back Bling features three new Blings being added to the Battle Pass and will open the door to uber cool combinations with different Heroes and their skins. If you’re not acquainted with the Battle Pass, the Season 3 Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks (10$). It definitely is a catch because with all new additions not the Battle Pass comes with 76 items including 3 Back Blings and unique emoticons, banners and other cosmetics that just adds up to the excitement.

If this news was not enough to get you all jumpy, then we guarantee that the information about the addition of the Hand Cannon as well as an Impulse Grenade will definitely make you rush to your console!


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