Alien Invasion Sword Fight

About Alien Invasion Sword Fight

Leave no alien behind, it’s time to get brutal with your sword.

Global warming is on a rise and its finally time to take some action. House of NOVA has decided to choose its best candidate to be sent on a secret mission involving a whole new planet, intergalactic creations and of course the deadly aliens! Before you could be sent a billion miles away in space, you have got to fight and compete against the other candidates of NOVA in one of the best sword fighting games. Whoever kills all the fantasy creatures and win the battle against the aliens will be selected for the top-secret mission in a world far far away. This is your chance to prove your worth. Are you ready to become a champion and save the world?

Flaunt your samurai skills in this thrilling action-packed game. If you are a fan of sword games, this is your time to shine. Bring forward your greatest attack and finish the alien evolution before it begins. Alien invasion sword fight is one of the best alien fighting sword game. It’s the combination of two things that will bring out the deadly side in you. All you’ve gotta do is choose a level that you know you can nail. P.S. Every level is as kick ass as it can get. Once you’ve got the courage to pick the level you will play at, purchase your sword from your money earned. The more you play, the more you earn and the better you slay’. So, start playing!

Once you’re in it, there’s no going back. ALERT! 3..2..1, the aliens are here!! They know you’ve invaded their space, they are here to kill you. You’ve gotta survive with your samurai assassin survival skills. Remember you have limited health so don’t let these giant blue aliens kill you. Fight them with all you’ve got. Run after them, aim then slash their heads off. This is a one-man war attack against an army of the walking aliens. Get them with your deadly blow of the sword blade. Surrounded by these barbaric fantasy creatures, you’ve gotta show off all your training to kill them all and win this battle to get selected for the top-secret mission. The more you play the more you earn and with that earning you can get yourself deadly swords and a shield that will help you survive. So, keep battling the attacks and put an end to the waves of aliens approaching towards you. You’re going to love this alien fighting sword game because it’s fun to play and extremely addictive.

Available on App Store and Google Play Store

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