Finger Slinger

About Finger Slinger

Battle your way through the evil jelly monsters as they chase after you, to chow down on your fingers. Download this crazy swiping game, whatever you do, DO NOT remove your fingers from the screen, otherwise be prepared to suffer defeat! Enter in to the world of madness and get ready for an epic game of survival.

“Who doesn’t like to eat jellies? Isn’t it your favorite snack since you were a child? But what happens when these jellies come to life hungry for REVENGE? They have had it with humans chewing them down, they are tired of hoping for survival. Now they want to make you fight for your SURVIVAL. With the power to CHOW down your fingers, they are as deadly as they can be. Don’t take these deadly jelly monsters lightly. They are filled with rage and hungry for revenge. Are you prepared for your survival in this thrilling twist of events?”

Run for your life before the hungry jelly monsters eat up your fingers. BEWARE! You cannot lift your finger or poke the creatures otherwise CHOP and game is over. The more you dodge them, the FASTER they come after you. Keep your distance from frantic jelly monsters who are hungry to bite off your finger. Bring on your game face, go crazy swiping without touching the jelly monsters. Be as FAST as you can and make the highest score that none of your friends can DARE to beat. Epic game with unlimited fun. Hard to MASTER. So, are you ready for this awesome game of survival?

Available on App Store and Google Play Store

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