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Funny Little zombies Shooting game is here to Kill Zombies to save yourself!

Last weekend you and six of your friends went for camping in the woods. Little did you know that you all returned with a bunch of uninvited guests. These guests are little zombies!

They are so little that they hid inside your bags and found the secret stash that you hid somewhere in the pockets. Now, these little zombies are HIGH who are now running around each of your houses. The stuff has boosted their sense of humor and they are not only creepy but funny as well!

For them, you are the joke and these little zombies are making fun of you by sticking messages in notes all over your walls. Don’t let them own you in your own house. Show them what you’ve got and finish them all!”

In this dark comedy free action game, you have got five different guns to blow these little zombies out of their existence. The challenge is that you’ve gotta find them. They are fearless and funny. Kill them before they kill you with their jokes.

Pick up your handgun and go crazy shooting in this shooting game. Expect the unexpected because when you will be engrossed in finishing them, a sticky note will pop up on your screen bound to make you laugh out loud. But DON’T. Focus on taking down these little zombies. It’s not just you but your friend’s houses too that they have invaded. You have five guns and SEVEN different houses to clear out. Do you have what it takes?

Run around the house and chase the funny little zombies mocking you with their notes on your wall. You will be given a warm-up time after which they will come towards you.

Be prepared with your handgun, run, aim and SHOOT. Make sure you aim carefully as you will have limited bullets. BEWARE: Don’t let the little zombies come to close to you. Your health is also limited. Take care of it or you LOSE. Losing is not an option. Don’t let them take you down in your own house!

After you clear your house, move on to the other six houses of your friends. The camping plan was yours so you are to blame for this wave of funny little zombies taking over your space. Pick up one of the five guns and start shooting the funny little zombies.

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