Living Dead Zombies Shooter

About Zombies Shooter

Do you think you have what it takes to defeat world’s greatest enemy and save the world from turning in to world of zombies? Download this thrilling game, then pick up your weapon, aim and start shooting.

“You were sent on a secret mission to solve the world’s problems and fight world’s most dangerous enemy but little did you know that the enemy was an army of the LIVING DEAD. After days of hiding in a cave and finishing up all the storage food, you’ve got nothing left to eat. All your partners couldn’t survive, they were smelled and chowed down by the living dead. You’re the lone survivor and all you have got to do is SURVIVE. Good thing you have figured out a weapon that can be used to kill these living dead creatures. Its time to show them who the world really belongs to”

Improve your shooting skills while you blast these living dead creatures out of their existence. Use your personal weapon to blow them up. Finish them before they could finish you. Grab your hand gun and fight for your survival. Kill the creatures hungry for your life. But how do you kill creatures who are already dead?? Everything is possible in this crazy world. So go crazy shooting on them and save yourself from being their food. You have limited health and limited bullets. Try your hands in this deadly game of survival with unlimited zombies coming your way. If you believe, the living are more powerful than the living dead then it’s show time!

Available on App Store and Google Play Store

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