Mad Path

About Mad Path

This super simple yet crazy swiping game will bring out the madness in everybody!

WARNING: Highly Addictive.

“You’re not Alice and this isn’t Wonderland. This is the Mad Path where every character that you knew as a child from story books have gone crazy. They are delusional. To get back to their stories, they need to cross the mad path. This world full of insanity is sure to drive them crazier. Can you be the one to swipe them out of it as a winner? Or are you too afraid to face the madness? Choice is yours”

Slither your way past crazy obstacles and enemies to achieve your goal. Pay close attention because you never know when the enemy might get you and ruin your chances of becoming the ultimate champion! When the obstacles get too much to handle, don’t forget to collect power ups!  Begin this epic journey on a crazy path and meet the bonkers characters along the way. Get ready to experience a world where anything can happen, from thrilling obstacles to spontaneous power ups every level is crazier than ever. Challenge yourself to this insanity and brace your self for the MAD PATH.

STAY TUNED for more levels, characters, gameplay and surprises. This obsession will be hard to wearoff.

Available on App Store and Google Play Store

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