Monster City Bus

About Monster City Bus

Improve your driving skills while you master the streets of this city where time is money and your customers are a gang of Monsters! Download this top rated simulation game taking you on an epic ride through this adventurous monster city.

“It’s 2078 and the world is conquered by a crazy gang of monsters who are here to rule. You can fight them but the smart way to conquer the world back is not by fighting but instead you can do this by driving! Use your knowledge of speed and time and show them who the BOSS is. They want to explore this world, but before they can leave their footsteps on their own, show them YOUR world in YOUR own way. Take control of this adventure but don’t forget, they’re crazy and they hate to be late”

Get ready for an unlimited experience to this 3D bus driving game. Pick your favourite big bus as you move around the amazing world of Monsters. Earn XP points for your effort. The faster you are the more the XP points and you also save your fuel. Make your way through the fun filled and action-packed levels with each level being more challenging. Do you have the guts to drive around this Monster City? Begin your addictive adventure now and conquer the city of Monsters with your skills! But you gotta be speedy and drop these frantic creatures before time runs out. Keep playing and progressing towards the next levels to experience the sort of adventure never felt before.

Available on App Store and Google Play Store

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