Rage of Living Dead

About Rage of Living Dead

In this top shooting game, your target is an army of the LIVING DEAD. Run, hide and shoot to protect yourself. Download this game and brace yourself for a thrilling and action-packed escape.

“They’re here and they’re furious. With blood in their eyes, they are here to take REVENGE. Who are they? You look out the window and all you see are faces you don’t recognise, with bloody eyes and pale white skin there’s an army marching towards your house. Yes, this is what war looks like but in this war you’re all ALONE. The time has come. Time for the Rage of the Living Dead. Are you ready to face it?”

Your worst nightmare has come to life. Begin your biggest fight with the army of the Living Dead who are full of rage and thirsty for your blood. You can run all you want but there are unlimited zombies coming after you. Have the guts to pull up your weapon and go crazy shooting till each one of them disappears. This is a game of life and death with limited bullets. Aim and shoot wisely then move on to the next level. The further you go, the more you show who the boss is. So, get started! Each level will be tougher than ever with limited bullets and declining health. Can you dare to experience the unlimited thrill and action in this war for survival?

Available on App Store and Google Play Store

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